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  2. Apology about the Geotag Bug in Moment Camera



    I’m Sangho Lee from the daramghaus.
    We run the service of Moment Camera.

    Recently we detected an error on Geotag in Moment Camera
    that it does not work in all the area except Eastern Europe and Asia.
    We tried to fix this problem as soon as possible, and it is solved on latest 1.8 version update.
    We sincerely apologize and would like to explain further about this problem.

    Geotag is an important information which records the location of the photos that are taken.
    However, the Geotag function did not work on Moment Camera even though
    it was mentioned in AppStore information that it does.
    We are very sorry that we lost your valuable location information of the photo.

    The cause of this problem is a mistake on development process of the app.
    Until the problem was detected, Moment Camera saved
    it’s Geotag coordinate of latitude and longitude by negative numbers(e.g.  -71°, -25°) 
    on Western Hemisphere(American Continent) and Southern Hemisphere(Oceania),
    but these negative coordinates were processed as 0 and marked odd places instead.
    Originally it has to be saved by positive numbers with directions(N, E, S, W) to be processed normally(e.g. 71°W, 25°S),
    but we definitely miscalculated.

    As a consequence, the Geotag of the photos taken by Moment Camera was saved as 0 
    on many areas in the world except for Eastern Europe and Asia,
    such as Northern America, Southern America, some part in Western Europe, Australia, Africa and etc.

    We solved the problem and works fine on the latest update version on AppStore.
    If you are using the former version, please update.

    We are again very sorry for this accident, and thank you all for using Moment Camera.

    Sincerely, Sangho Lee

    p.s. Big thanks to Michael Emerson in New York, who gave us the feedback.

    How to add Geotag your Photos

    Adding Geotag via iPhone

    1. Download “Mappr” iPhone App(Free) on AppStore
    2. Import the photo in the app
    3. You can add Geotag by moving the pin.

    Adding Geotag via “iPhoto” on Mac.

    1. Open “iPhoto” and open the photo which you want to add Geotag.
    2. Click Info button on the right bottom side.
    3. You can add or make new Geotag by clicking “Assign A Place” of the map
      on the bottom side of Info screen.